Chapter 5. Submittal Transmittals

In the last chapter, I took a deep look at Companies and Contacts, mainly because they are building blocks to be used in other parts of the SmartCA domain model. In this chapter, I will show what Submittal Transmittals are and how they also depend on Contacts, Companies, and several other classes in the domain model.

The Problem

In the construction administration world, submittal requirements are part of the project specifications. The book of specifications for construction projects is very large and describes "how the project is to be constructed and what results are to be achieved."

Architects and engineers prepare the specifications. Almost all specifications used in the United States and Canada are based on a format called the "MasterFormat" developed by the Construction Specifications Institute. Some design firms use the 16 division MasterFormat from the 1995 version. Other design firms have adopted the 2004 edition, which has 20 divisions.

As a rule, submittal requirements are set forth in project specifications. Another section lays out specific submittal procedures. At the beginning of a project, the general contractor will prepare a submittal schedule. The schedule, sometimes called a submittal log, indicates the specification sections, due dates, and responsible party for each required submittal. The design firm then approves this schedule.

The specification details the time requirements for the architect's review of each submittal and the ...

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