Chapter 7. Proposal Requests

In the last chapter, I covered the ins and outs of the Request for Information (RFI) document. In this chapter, I will cover another concept that is similar to an RFI but has a different intent. That concept is the Proposal Request.

The Problem

In the construction industry, just like the software industry, projects rarely finish exactly as planned; there are usually changes that have to be made along the way. In software, it could be that the application you are working on has some features that the business no longer needs, or doesn't have new features discovered while the application is still in development. Likewise, in the construction industry, there are many factors in a project that may necessitate a change to the original contract.

A Contractor can discover physical or economic situations, usually unanticipated, that may make it impossible to follow the contract documents. Architects could find it necessary to recommend changes in the contract documents because of errors in the contract documents. Other sources of changes could be weather damage such as wind and rain, natural disasters such as an earthquake, labor and material shortages, and fire and explosion.

When these types of events occur, it means that there needs to be a Change Order issued for the project. In the construction industry, there is an action that must occur before the Change Order is drafted. That action is known officially as the Work Changes Proposal Request. For the purposes ...

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