Type Summary

						public class ArrayList : IList, ICollection,
                         IEnumerable, ICloneable
   // Constructors
      public ArrayList ();
      public ArrayList (int capacity);
      public ArrayList (ICollection c);

   // Properties
      public virtual int Capacity { set; get; }
      public virtual int Count { get; }
      public virtual bool IsFixedSize { get; }
      public virtual bool IsReadOnly { get; }
      public virtual bool IsSynchronized { get; }
      public virtual object this[int index] { set; get; }
      public virtual object SyncRoot { get; }

   // Methods
						public static ArrayList Adapter (IList list);
      public virtual int Add (object value);
      public virtual void AddRange (ICollection c);
      public virtual int BinarySearch (int index,
                                       int count,
                                       object value,
                                       IComparer comparer);
						public virtual int ...

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