Appendix A. Resources

On the Web

Agile Developer Here you’ll find articles and discussions related to .NET and software development by Venkat Subramaniam.

CLR Profiler - Managed Code Performance Tool In addition to the CLR Profiler tool, at this URL you will find articles and discussions related to performance of managed code.

Common Object Operations This is Jeffrey Richter’s article on how to properly implement the operations that all objects must exhibit. It talks about object equality, identity, hash codes, and cloning.

Cruise Control .NET Cruise Control .NET is an open source automated continuous integration tool for Microsoft .NET. It uses tools such as NUnit and NAnt, and integrates with your source control system (e.g., CVS and Visual Source Safe) to automatically build and test your code as it is checked into the source control system.

C# FAQs This is a site where you can ask and get answers to many C# Frequently Asked Questions.

C# Language Specification This site contains the actual C# Language Specification.

Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers

This site presents design guidelines ...

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