Appendix C. Resources

NetBeans’ built-in CVS may be fully sufficient for your needs. But if you ever wish to fetch the standalone CVS program source and/or executables for your development platform as an adjunct to or replacement for NetBeans built-in CVS, here are some references.


CVSHome ( is the upstream site for the Concurrent Versions System, the site where the maintainers post the main line of the open source code that makes up CVS. There is also excellent online documentation at this site.

GNU/BSD/Other Operating Systems

Pretty much all GNU and BSD operating systems include CVS in their base distribution.

  • If you do not find CVS installed on a GNU Linux system after system installation, check your distribution CDs for the RPM package containing CVS. It’s there for sure.

  • If you do not find CVS installed on a BSD system after system installation, check the ports tree for a makefile that will download, build, and install CVS.

  • On other Unix-like operating systems and on VMS, proceed to CVSHome ( where you will find a source archive allowing you to build CVS on your platform.

  • Microsoft Windows has Unix-like CVS under Cygwin (see

CVS GUI Clients

If you want a standalone CVS GUI for any platform, take a look at the open source software project at CvsGui.Org (

Java Environments

The following are complete environments for compiling and running your Java code and programs: ...

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