Netbooks: The Missing Manual

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Netbooks are the hot new thing in PCs -- small, inexpensive laptops designed for web browsing, email, and working with web-based programs. But chances are you don't know how to choose a netbook, let alone use one. Not to worry: with this Missing Manual, you'll learn which netbook is right for you and how to set it up and use it for everything from spreadsheets for work to hobbies like gaming and photo sharing.

Netbooks: The Missing Manual provides easy-to-follow instructions and lots of advice to help you:

  • Learn the basics for using a Windows- or Linux-based netbook
  • Connect speakers, printers, keyboards, external hard drives, and other hardware
  • Get online using a wireless network, a public network, broadband cards, or dial-up
  • Write email, browse the Web, transfer bookmarks, and add tools to your web browser
  • Use business tools like Google Docs and Office for Netbooks
  • Collaborate with others online via instant messaging
  • Edit and share photos, play games, listen to music, and watch TV and movies online

You'll also learn about web-based backup and storage, staying secure online -- especially when using wireless networks -- and tips for troubleshooting. Netbooks point to the future of computing, and Netbooks: The Missing Manual will show you how to get there.

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Table of contents

  1. The Missing Credits
    1. About the Author
    2. About the Creative Team
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. The Missing Manual Series
  2. Introduction
    1. Why Netbooks Are Not Notebooks
      1. Why Netbooks Are Not Notebooks
      2. The Evolving World of Netbooks
    2. About This Book
      1. About the Outline
      2. About→These→Arrows
      3. About the Missing CD
      4. About Missing
      5. Safari® Books Online
  3. I. Meet Your Netbook
    1. 1. Buying and Setting Up Your Netbook
      1. What to Look for When Buying a Netbook
        1. The Operating System: Windows vs. Linux
          1. Windows XP
          2. Linux
        2. Choosing a Netbook Internal Drive
          1. Hard drive
          2. Solid-state drive
          3. Hybrid drive
      2. Customizing and Buying Your Netbook
      3. Setting Up Your Netbook
        1. Getting Up, Running, and Online
        2. Ports of Call: Your Netbook’s Jacks
      4. Transferring Files to Your Netbook
        1. Moving a Small Batch of Files
        2. Moving a Big Batch of Files
        3. Using the Windows XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
        4. Customizing Your Desktop
          1. Windows XP
          2. Linux (Standard Ubuntu)
      5. Netbook Battery Options
      6. A Note About Netbook Keyboards
    2. 2. Getting to Know Your Windows Netbook
      1. Which Windows?
        1. Windows XP
        2. Windows 7
      2. Seven Things You Should Know About Windows 7
      3. Setting Up a Windows XP Netbook
      4. The Start Menu: Where It All Begins
      5. Windows Desktop Basics
        1. Managing Windows
        2. Changing Your Window Views
      6. Taking Control with Control Panel
      7. A Tour of the Windows Programs Menu
        1. Accessories
          1. Games
          2. Startup
          3. Other programs
      8. Adding More Programs
        1. Installing programs from the Web
          1. Installing programs from the Web
          2. Installing software from a disc
      9. Removing Programs
      10. Organizing and Finding Files
        1. How to Organize Your Files
        2. Finding Files with Windows Explorer
        3. Searching for Files
      11. Checking Hard Drive Space
      12. Backing Up Your Windows Netbook
        1. Built-in backup
          1. Built-in backup
          2. USB flash drive
          3. External drive backup
          4. Online backup
      13. Closing Down Your Netbook
    3. 3. Getting to Know Your Linux Netbook
      1. Which Type of Linux?
      2. Setting Up a Linux Netbook
      3. Exploring the Linux Desktop
        1. Which Netbook Desktop?
        2. Gnome Desktop
        3. Managing Windows
        4. Top Panel Menus
      4. Applications Menu: All Your Programs
        1. Adding and Removing Programs
          1. Removing software
          2. Installing software from a disc
      5. Places Menu: Organizing and Finding Files
        1. Searching for Files
      6. System Menu: Preferences and More
        1. Preferences
          1. Administration
      7. Seeing How Much Hard Drive Space Is Left
      8. Backing Up Your Linux Netbook
        1. External Drive Backup
        2. USB Flash Drive Backup
        3. Online Backup
      9. Closing Down Your Linux Netbook
    4. 4. Connecting Devices to Your Netbook
      1. Mice, Trackballs, and Tablets
        1. Adding a Basic Mouse: The Easy Way
        2. Adding a Mouse, Trackball, or Tablet
        3. Adding a Bluetooth Mouse
          1. Bluetooth in Windows XP
          2. Bluetooth in Ubuntu Linux
        4. Adjusting the Mouse
      2. Connecting an External Monitor or TV
        1. Connecting a Monitor in Windows XP
          1. Ubuntu Linux
      3. Setting Up a Printer
        1. Adding a USB Printer in Windows XP
          1. Adding a printer manually
        2. Adding a Network Printer in Windows XP
          1. Adding a shared printer
          2. Adding a networked printer
        3. Adding a USB Printer in Ubuntu Linux
          1. Adding a USB printer automatically
          2. Adding a USB printer manually
        4. Adding a Network Printer in Ubuntu Linux
      4. Storing Data on External Drives
        1. Windows XP
        2. Ubuntu Linux
        3. Connecting an External CD/DVD Drive
      5. Capturing Images: Connecting Scanners and Webcams
        1. Adding a Scanner in Windows XP
        2. Adding a Scanner in Ubuntu Linux
        3. Adding a Webcam to Windows XP
        4. Adding a Webcam to Linux
      6. Listening to Music: MP3 Players and External Speakers
        1. MP3 Players with Windows XP
        2. MP3 Players with Ubuntu Linux
        3. Adding Headphones or External Speakers to the Netbook
      7. On the Road: Cases and Cables
  4. II. Taking Your Netbook Online
    1. 5. Getting Online
      1. Ways to Connect to the Internet
      2. What You Need to Connect
      3. Getting an Internet Service Provider
      4. Setting Up a Wired Network
        1. Setting Up a Broadband Connection
        2. Setting Up a Home Wired Network
          1. Ethernet
          2. Powerline networking
        3. Connecting to the Network
      5. Setting Up a Wireless Network
        1. Wireless Network Security
      6. Connecting to a Wireless Network
        1. Windows XP
        2. Ubuntu Linux
      7. Common Wireless Network Problems
      8. Using Public Wireless Networks
      9. Getting Online with a Wireless Broadband Card
      10. Using Your Mobile Phone as a Modem
      11. Using a Dial-Up Connection with Your Netbook
        1. Windows XP
        2. Ubuntu Linux
    2. 6. Email and Web Browsing
      1. Setting Up an Email Program
        1. Using a Webmail Account
        2. Webmail Providers
        3. Using ISP Email
          1. Popular (and free) email programs
        4. Setting Up an ISP Mail Account
        5. Adding SSL Security
      2. Email Basics
        1. Reading Email
        2. Sending Email
        3. Exploring Your Mail Program
        4. Using File Attachments
        5. Managing Your Mail
      3. Using a Web Browser
        1. Searching the Web
        2. Navigating the Web
        3. Adding Bookmarks
          1. RSS
      4. Transfering Bookmarks from Another Computer
      5. Adding Tools to Your Web Browser
        1. Browser toolbars
          1. Browser toolbars
  5. III. Working on Your Netbook
    1. 7. Business Basics: Word Processing and More
      1. Microsoft Office for Windows Netbooks
        1. Installing Microsoft Office
        2. Getting Around Microsoft Office
      2. Microsoft Office Live Workspace
        1. Setting Up Your Office Live Workspace
      3. Free Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and More
        1. Installing
        2. Using 3 to Open Microsoft Office Files
      4. Google Docs: An Online Alternative
        1. Using Google Docs & Spreadsheets
        2. Google Docs Offline
      5. Working with Contacts
        1. Making New Contacts
        2. Managing Contacts Between Web and Netbook
        3. Transferring Contacts Between Computers
        4. Transferring Contacts from Computer to Web
        5. Syncing Contacts and Calendars to Devices
        6. Online Contact Syncing
      6. Staying on Track with Calendars
        1. Desktop Calendar Programs for Windows
        2. Evolution Calendar for Ubuntu Linux
      7. Online Calendars
        1. Calendars: Sharing and Subscribing
      8. Viewing PDFs with Adobe Reader
      9. Working with Graphics
      10. Welcome to the Free World: Software
    2. 8. Collaborating with Others
      1. What You Can Do Online
      2. Setting Up Instant Message Software
        1. The Buddy List/Contacts List
      3. Voice Chat by Instant Messenger
      4. Video Chat by Instant Messenger
      5. File Transfer by Instant Messenger
      6. Making Phone Calls with Skype
        1. Making Calls with Skype
      7. Working Together with Google Docs
        1. Tracking Revisions to Documents
      8. Online Collaboration Sites
        1. Zoho
        2. 37 Signals
        3. Huddle
        4. ThinkFree Mobile Netbook Edition
      9. Social Networking Sites
        1. Facebook
        2. MySpace
        3. Flickr
        4. LinkedIn
        5. Twitter
        6. Ning
    3. 9. Multimedia Fun: Photos, Music, and Video
      1. Importing Digital Photos
        1. Windows XP
        2. Ubuntu Linux
        3. Troubleshooting Stubborn Cameras
      2. Organizing Your Photos
        1. Windows XP
        2. Ubuntu Linux
      3. Editing Photos
        1. Photo Editing with Picasa
        2. Photo Editing with F-Spot
          1. Advanced photo editing in Ubuntu
      4. Sharing Photos Online
        1. Emailing Photos in Windows
        2. Emailing Photos in Ubuntu Linux
      5. Photo Sharing Websites
        1. Phase One: Select a Photo Site
        2. Phase Two: Upload Your Pictures
        3. Using Picasa Web Albums
          1. Alternative ways to upload to Picasa Web Albums
      6. Popular MP3 Jukebox Programs
        1. iTunes Tips for Netbooks
          1. Transferring music from an iPod
          2. Sharing music across a home network
      7. Playing Digital Music on the Netbook
        1. Other Online Music Stores
        2. Internet Radio
          1. Adding your own stations
        3. Podcasts
      8. Recording and Editing Sound
        1. Windows
        2. Ubuntu
        3. Recording and Editing Sound with Audacity
      9. Watching TV and Video Online
        1. Converting Your DVDs
        2. Editing Video on a Netbook
    4. 10. Playing Games
      1. Games That Come with Your Netbook
        1. Windows XP Games
        2. Ubuntu Linux Games
      2. Gaming Websites
        1. Game Collections
        2. Chess
        3. Fantasy Sports
        4. Shooting and Adventure
      3. Downloading Games
      4. Serious Gaming on a Netbook
        1. Finding Games
        2. Adding Gaming Hardware to the Netbook
  6. IV. Taking Care of Your Netbook
    1. 11. Protecting You and Your Netbook
      1. Ten Online Safety Tips for Netbooks
      2. Keeping Viruses at Bay
        1. Windows
        2. Linux
          1. Installing and running ClamTk
      3. Putting Up a Firewall
        1. Windows
        2. Linux
      4. Other Security Software for Netbooks
        1. Spyware
        2. Browser Security
          1. Internet Explorer
          2. Firefox
      5. Public Wireless Network Security
      6. Protecting Yourself: Ergonomic Tips
    2. 12. Troubleshooting Your Netbook
      1. Troubleshooting Common Problems
      2. Built-In Windows Help Files
      3. Tuning Up with Windows System Tools
        1. Disk Cleanup
          1. Disk Cleanup
          2. Disk Defragmenter
          3. Check Disk, the tool formerly known as Scandisk
      4. Using Windows System Restore
      5. Using Remote Assistance
      6. Reinstalling Windows
      7. Built-in Linux Help Files
      8. Maintaining a Linux Netbook
        1. Keeping Ubuntu Tidy
      9. Ubuntu Remote Desktop
        1. Connecting to Windows machines
          1. Connecting to Windows machines
      10. Installing (or Reinstalling) Ubuntu
        1. Installing Ubuntu by CD
        2. Installing Ubuntu by USB Drive
      11. Finding Help and Information Online
  7. Index
  8. About the Author
  9. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Netbooks: The Missing Manual
  • Author(s): J.D. Biersdorfer
  • Release date: August 2009
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9780596802233