12.4. Trusted Network Connect (TNC)

Trusted Network Connect (TNC) is a Work Group (WG) of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), a not-for-profit organization established in 2003 with a charter to develop, define, and promote open standards for hardware-enabled trusted computing and security technologies across multiple platforms, peripherals, and devices. TNC is also an eponymous open standard and architecture for NAC and network security. Many members of the TCG actively participate in the definition and specification of the TNC's open NAC standards and architecture.

12.4.1. What is the TNC architecture?

TNC is an open, standards-based set of standards and architecture for device authentication and platform integrity measurement. Initially published in 2004, the TNC architecture serves as a framework for developing open-architected, standards-driven, interoperable NAC solutions. The TNC architecture and standards define open, standard interfaces that enable components from different vendors to securely interoperate to create a standards-based NAC solution that leverages existing installed equipment and operates across heterogeneous networks.

Identity and integrity are the core tenets of the TNC standards and architecture. Constructed on existing industry standards and protocols widely supported by networking equipment vendors (including 802.1X, RADIUS, IPSec, EAP, and TLS/SSL), TNC defines new open standards as needed to enable non-proprietary and interoperable solutions within ...

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