Network Automation with Ansible

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API-driven network devices are much easier to manage and operate than their older counterparts, but that’s not their only advantage. These new devices also enable true network automation, and that’s a real game changer for network engineers. This O’Reilly report explores the capabilities of Ansible, an agentless and extensible configuration management platform that dovetails well with the new trend in software-defined networking.

Author Jason Edelman is a veteran network engineer who firmly believes the way we currently build, manage, and operate networks has to change. In this report, he explains why the network community is rallying around Ansible as a more efficient method for managing and maintaining modern networks.

  • Get hands-on examples for automating devices from multiple vendors with Ansible
  • Automate any network environment, including legacy command-line interface and SNMP-based devices
  • Explore Ansible’s extensibility and agentless architecture for automating your network
  • Automate network tasks such as device provisioning, data collection, and reporting

Jason Edelman, CCIE 15394 & VCDX-NV 167, is the founder of Network to Code, a boutique consultancy that provides technology services and training focused on emerging networking technologies. His goal is to help vendors and end users take advantage of new tools and technologies to reduce operational inefficiencies and drive down costs.

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  • Title: Network Automation with Ansible
  • Author(s): Jason Edelman
  • Release date: March 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491937846