Chapter 17. Frame Relay WAN Analysis

This chapter will discuss frame relay WAN analysis including traffic shaping, SLAs, and basic analysis.

Frame Relay Traffic Shaping

Traffic shaping is required for Frame Relay networks for three reasons:

  • Oversubscription of sites is part of the nature of Frame-Relay networks.

  • It is common for configurations to allow bursts that exceed the committed information rate (CIR).

  • The default interval for Cisco Frame Relay devices can add unnecessary delay.

Some of the aspects of traffic shaping for Frame-Relay networks include the following:

  • CIR

  • Committed burst rate (Bc)

  • Excess burst rate (Be)

  • Minimum CIR

The Cisco IOS command that is used to collect Frame Relay PVC information, such as CIR, is show frame-relay pvc. The syntax ...

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