Network Disaggregation Fundamentals LiveLessons Video Training

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4 Hours of Video Instruction


Network Disaggregation Fundamentals LiveLessons aims to provide the foundational knowledge required for those interested in understanding the realm of disaggregated networking. The content here will benefit technical leaders and engineers alike in mapping out and understanding the drivers towards, capabilities of, and tradeoffs involved in the field of disaggregated networking.

Disaggregation experts Russ White and Dinesh Dutt explain the history of disaggregation, including the reasons large-scale providers worked towards disaggregated solutions, and realistic business drivers. Viewers will also learn what the components of a disaggregated solution are, how they fit together, and some sources for these parts. Finally, the skill set required to run a disaggregated network will be considered, as well as the future of disaggregation.

Skill Level

  • Beginner-Intermediate

Learn How To

  • Select the components required to assemble disaggregated solutions
  • Justify the use of disaggregated solutions
  • Prepare your skillset for working in a disaggregated environment

Who Should Take This Course

  • Network engineers at any skill level who would like to understand the theory and business drivers of network disaggregation
  • Network engineers at any skill level who are planning to deploy any form of disaggregation in their networks, and would like to understand the components required, as well as a high-level overview of how those components can be put together
  • Technical and business leaders who are considering network disaggregation, and need a solid high-level overview of the options, as well as the tradeoffs involved in each type of disaggregation

The market for this product is not restricted to a small subset of learners, as it addresses the fundamental concepts of disaggregation in a way that is applicable for many different kinds of students in a wide variety of learning situations.

Course Requirements

Lesson descriptions

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Sample Content

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: The Winter of Our Discontent
1.1: Changing Applications
1.2: Requirements of New Networks

Lesson 2: Rebel Topology: Spine and Leaf
2.1: Spine and Leaf Part 1
2.2: Spine and Leaf Part 2

Lesson 3: Star Fighters vs. Death Star
3.1: Lego Building Blocks
3.2: Benefits

Lesson 4: Making Rebellion Possible
4.1: The Rise of ODMs
4.2: Disaggregation Business Drivers
4.3: ONIE
4.4: Standards and Foundations
4.5: Open Source Routing Suites

Lesson 5: Rebel Command
5.1: NOS Models
5.2: NOS Model Details
5.3: Centralization Challenges
5.4: Southbound Interfaces

Lesson 6: Rebel Citizens
6.1: Changes in the Shape of Knowledge
6.2: The Resulting Skill Shift

Lesson 7: Peering into Wormholes (the Future)
7.1: Disaggregation Future with Dinesh Dutt
7.2: Disaggregation Future with Russ White

Product information

  • Title: Network Disaggregation Fundamentals LiveLessons Video Training
  • Author(s): Russ White
  • Release date: June 2019
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0135561825