5Attack Types

The good news is that the tools are easy to come by. He had everything he needed and now, he had some systems he could use. The best part of this was having all of the tools that he needed available to just grab from whatever system he had compromised. They were so simple and yet so effective. One of the best parts was being able to launch one attack from one system in order to disguise an actual exploitation and compromise from somewhere else. One gets lost in the noise of the other. It's easy enough to blind those who may be paying attention by just giving them way too much to look at. This night, he was going to launch one attack that looked to be coming from one place while coming after a web application from somewhere completely different.

The best thing about the web attack is that for the most part it just looked like anyone else visiting the website. The other attack is just to be certain no one is really paying any attention since it's hard to be certain what sort of detection is in place within the victim network. It's best to just throw up a smoke screen. With so many compromised systems at his disposal from months and months of work, it's easy enough to do a little misdirection just to make sure that the important work happens without anyone really seeing it. Plus, why not? After all, it costs him nothing to just ...

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