x Network Intrusion Prevention Design Guide: Using IBM Security Network IPS
The team who wrote this book
This book was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working
at the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO).
Axel Buecker is a Certified Consulting Software IT
Specialist at the ITSO in Austin, Texas. He writes
extensively and teaches IBM classes worldwide about
software security architecture and network computing
technologies. He has 25 years of experience in various
areas related to workstation and systems management,
network computing, and e-business solutions. Before
joining the ITSO in March 2000, Axel worked for IBM in
Germany as a Senior IT Specialist in Software Security
Architecture. He has a degree in Computer Science from
the University of Bremen in Germany.
Matthew Dobbs is a Technical Team Lead for the Level 2
Technical Support for IBM Security. He has worked with
IBM Security for seven years, with a technical
specialization in IPS products. Before joining IBM,
Matthew worked as a System Developer and Consultant
in the telecommunications industry. Matthew holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering
from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Dr. Werner Filip is a professor for the Department for
Computer Science and Engineering at the University of
Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and a
Consultant in IT Security. His primary research interests
are systems and network management and applied
security. Before joining the Frankfurt University of Applied
Sciences, he worked 25 years for IBM in various positions.
During his last 10 years with IBM, he was a Consultant in
Systems and Network Management at the former IBM
European Networking Center in Germany. Dr. Filip
received a Diploma in Mathematics and a Doctorate in
Computer Science from the Technical University
Darmstadt in Germany.
Preface xi
Craig Finley, a Certified Information Systems Security
Professional (CISSP), has over 10 years of LAN and WAN
management experience with a focus on network security.
He joined IBM six years ago as a Technical Support
Analyst on the Global Customer Support Team for IBM
Security Solutions. In his role, he developed and delivered
new-hire training and new-release update training for
Customer Support. He delivered training to audiences in
multiple theaters, including the Americas, EMEA, and
APAC. During this time, Craig also served as the lead
trainer for third-party products in data loss prevention, disk
encryption, and intrusion prevention. Recently he joined
the IBM Tivoli® Technical Enablement team. His training
audiences include IBM Sales and Technical Sales,
Services, Business Partners, Support, and Customers
worldwide. Currently Craig is a member of the Technology
Associates of Georgia and the Information Systems
Security Association of Metro-Atlanta.
Vladimir Jeremic is a Security Enablement Instructor for
the IBM Security Systems portfolio. He primarily focuses
on IBM Security Solutions for Network, Server and
Endpoint (formerly known as the
IBM Internet Security
Systems (IBM ISS) portfolio
). He has experience in
designing, developing, and delivering learning materials.
Vladimir also worked for many years as a Certified
Security Managing Consultant with the IBM Global
Services team, where he focused on architecture and
implementation of the IBM Tivoli Security portfolio. He has
over ten years of experience in the IT field related to
security, networking, and programming. Vladimir is a Tivoli
Certified Professional and IBM Certified Consultant. He
holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical
Engineering from the University of Novi Sad in Serbia.

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