SNMP Management: SNMPv2

  • Community-based security
  • SNMPv2 enhancements
    • Additional messages
    • Formalization of SMI
  • Get-bulk request and information-request
  • SNMP MIB modifications
  • Incompatibility with SNMPv1
  • Proxy server
  • Bilingual manager

SNMPv1, which was originally called SNMP, was developed as an interim management protocol with OSI as the ultimate network management protocol. A placeholder, CMOT (CMIP over TCP/IP), was created in the Internet Management Information Base (MIB) for migrating from SNMP to CMIP. But the “best-laid plans…”never came about. SNMP caught on in the industry. Major vendors had incorporated SNMP modules in their network systems and components. SNMP now needed further enhancements.

Version 2 of Simple ...

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