SNMP Management: SNMPv3

  • SNMPv3 features

    • Documentation architecture

    • Formalized SNMP architecture

    • Security

  • SNMP engine ID and name for network entity

  • SNMPv3 applications and primitives

  • SNMP architecture

    • Integrates the three SNMP versions

    • Message-processing module

    • Dispatcher module

    • Future enhancement capability

  • User security model, USM

    • Derived from user ID and password

    • Authentication

    • Privacy

    • Message timeliness

  • View-based access control model, VACM

    • Configure set of MIB views for agent with contexts

    • Family of subtrees in MIB views

    • VACM process

SNMPv2 was released, after much controversy, as a community-based SNMP framework, SNMPv2C, without any enhancement to security. SNMPv3 was subsequently developed to fulfill that ...

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