Chapter 13. Continuous Integration

In this chapter, we’re going to change direction a little bit. Until now, this book has provided details on specific tools and technologies that you can learn, all for the purpose of applying them toward network automation. However, it would be improper to assume that network automation is all about shiny new tools—in fact, that’s only one piece of the bigger picture.

This chapter instead focuses much more on optimizing the processes around network management and operations. Armed with knowledge of the specific tools and technologies mentioned in previous chapters, you can use this chapter as a guide for using those tools to solve the real, challenging problems that network operators at any scale are facing. This chapter answers questions like these:

  • How can I use network automation to produce a more stable, more available network?

  • How can I help the network move as quickly as the rest of the business demands, without compromising on availability?

  • What kind of software or tools can I use to help me implement better processes around my network?

Networking touches every other area of IT, and any outages, policy changes, or impediments to efficient process will impact any technology connected to the network. In modern times, these impacts are felt by every other technology discipline. This has caused the rest of IT and the business at large to view the network as something that should “get out of the way” and “just work.” These days, the ...

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