Registered Port Numbers

The port numbers (1024–7009) given in this table are not assigned but have been registered with ICANN for use with certain services.

Keyword Decimal Description
  1024/tcp Reserved
  1024/udp Reserved
blackjack 1025/tcp Network blackjack
blackjack 1025/udp Network blackjack
iad1 1030/tcp BBN IAD
iad1 1030/udp BBN IAD
iad2 1031/tcp BBN IAD
iad2 1031/udp BBN IAD
iad3 1032/tcp BBN IAD
iad3 1032/udp BBN IAD
instl_boots 1067/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
instl_boots 1067/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
instl_bootc 1068/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
instl_bootc 1068/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
socks 1080/tcp Socks
socks 1080/udp Socks
ansoft-lm-1 1083/tcp Anasoft License ...

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