Chapter 5. Local Area Networks (LANs)

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • LAN Topologies

  • Ethernet

  • Token Ring

  • FDDI

  • LAN Transmission

  • LAN Hardware

This chapter discusses local area network (LAN) topologies, associated equipment, and transmission environments.

LAN Topologies

LAN topologies are dependant upon the LAN technology in use, such as Ethernet or Token Ring. The LAN technology used in turn depends upon user applications, such as file sharing, Web hosting, or mainframe data centers.

There are four LAN topologies:

  • Star (Hub-and-Spoke)

  • Bus

  • Ring

  • Tree

Each of these is discussed in the following sections.

Star (Hub-and-Spoke)

In a star, or hub-and-spoke ...

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