Chapter 16. Exploitation Frameworks

Exploitation frameworks are supported software packages that contain reliable exploit modules and other useful features, such as agents used for successful repositioning. These frameworks allow you to use different exploit payloads and other unique options to obfuscate shellcode and network traffic in order to avoid detection. The most popular exploitation frameworks used by security consultants and hackers today are as follows:

The unique features and aspects of these frameworks are discussed in this chapter, along with other features and add-ons, including GLEG VulnDisco and Argeniss Ultimate 0day Exploits Pack (available from Appendix C has a comprehensive list of the supported vulnerabilities and exploit modules within these frameworks and third-party add-on packs.

Metasploit Framework

The Metasploit Framework (MSF) is a free exploitation framework, written in Ruby, C/C++, and assembler, and it is available for both Windows- and Unix-based systems (including Linux, Mac OS X, and others). MSF has been actively developed and improved by its core development team (H D Moore, Matt Miller [skape], and spoonm) over recent years, and now includes support for over 200 exploits. You can browse the full and current list of exploits supported by MSF 3.0 at ...

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