Network security spans a large number of disciplines, ranging from management and policy topics to operating system kernel fundamentals. Historically, the coverage of these and the other network security areas was presented in multiple, specialized publications or given a high-level treatment that was not suited to the practitioner. Network Security Bible, 2nd Edition approaches network security from the view of the individual who wants to learn and apply the associated network security best practices without having to sort through a myriad of extraneous material from multiple sources. The information provided in this text includes "secrets" learned by practicing professionals in the field of network security through many years of real-world experience.

Since network security is always changing the 2nd Edition enhances the 1st Edition but covers new technology, methods, and approaches to cyber security. One of the big changes is the move towards proactive security to achieve mission resilience. Cyber security is all about managing and controlling risk to an organization's critical assets. However since the threat is becoming more persistent and stealthy, organizations need to anticipate the threat by closing the vulnerabilities prior to attack, which is the foundation of proactive security.

The Goal of This Book

Network Security Bible, 2nd Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts of network security and the processes and means required to implement ...

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