Real-Time Monitoring

Use Sguil’s advanced GUI to monitor and analyze IDS events in a timely manner.

One thing that’s crucial when analyzing your IDS events is to be able to correlate all your audit data from various sources, to determine the exact trigger for the alert and what actions should be taken. This could involve anything from simply querying a database for similar alerts to viewing TCP stream conversations. One tool to help facilitate this is Sguil (, the Snort GUI for Lamerz. In case you’re wondering, Sguil is pronounced “sgweel” (to rhyme with “squeal”).

Sguil is a graphical analysis console written in Tcl/Tk that brings together the power of such tools as Ethereal (, TcpFlow (, and Snort’s portscan and TCP stream decoding processors into a single unified application, where it correlates all the data from each of these sources. Sguil uses a client/server model and is made up of three parts: a plug-in for Barnyard (op_guil), a server (sguild), and a client ( Agents installed on each of your NIDS sensors are used to report back information to the Sguil server. The server takes care of collecting and correlating all the data from the sensor agents, and handles information and authentication requests from the GUI clients.

Before you begin, you’ll need to download the Sguil distribution from the project’s web site and unpack it somewhere. This will create a ...

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