Chapter 2: Managing Windows Server 2012

In This Chapter

check.png Working with the trusty Administrator account

check.png Using Remote Desktop Connection to administer a server from the comfort of your desktop

check.png Perusing the list of Microsoft Management Consoles

check.png Customizing your own management console

This chapter provides an introduction to the most important tools that you’ll use to administer Windows Server 2012.

Using the Administrator Account

Windows comes with a built-in account named Administrator that has complete access to all the features of the server. As a network administrator, you frequently log on using the Administrator account to perform maintenance chores.

Because the Administrator account is so powerful, you should always enforce good password practices for it. In other words, don’t use your dog’s name as the Administrator account password. Instead, pick a random combination of letters and numbers. Then change the password periodically.

remember.eps Write down the Administrator account password, ...

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