Chapter 1: Installing a Linux Server

In This Chapter

check.png Getting ready to install Linux

check.png Installing Linux

check.png Adding additional packages after installation

This chapter presents the procedures that you need to follow to install Linux on a server computer. The details provided are specifically for Fedora 17, a free Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat. However, the procedures for installing other distributions of Linux are similar, so you won’t have any trouble adapting these procedures if you’re using a different distribution.

Planning a Linux Server Installation

Before you begin the installation program, you need to make a number of preliminary decisions. The following sections describe the decisions that you need to make before you install Linux.

Checking system requirements

Before you install Linux, make sure that the computer meets the minimum requirements. Although the minimum requirements for Linux are considerably less than those for the latest version of Windows Server, you can’t run Linux on an abacus. The following paragraphs summarize the minimum capabilities you need:

check.png A Pentium-based ...

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