Chapter 3

Using Remote Desktop Access

In This Chapter

arrow Enabling the remote desktop feature

arrow Connecting to a computer remotely

arrow Using keyboard shortcuts in a Remote Desktop session

arrow Setting options for Remote Desktop

Windows provides two distinct built-in ways to access a computer remotely:

  • Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is designed to let you log into a Windows computer from a remote location. This is useful for managing a server without having to actually go to the computer room and accessing the server’s console, or for accessing a virtual server that has not physical console.
  • Remote Assistance is used to connect to an existing session of another Windows computer so that you can provide technical support for the other user.

This chapter shows you how to use the Remote Desktop Connection feature. For information about using the Remote Assistance feature, refer to the next chapter.

Enabling Remote Desktop Connection

Before you can use RDC to access a server, you must enable remote access on the server. To do that, follow these steps (on the server computer, not your desktop computer): ...

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