Chapter 2

Configuring Linux


check Getting used to the Linux way of thinking

check Logging on and off Linux

check Using a GUI

check Working with commands

check Setting up user accounts

Before you can set up Linux to do serious networking, you need to discover the basics of getting around Linux. In this chapter, you find out those basics. You see how to log on and off Linux, how the Linux file system works, and how to use commands. I also introduce you to GNOME, the graphical user interface (GUI) that’s used most with Fedora and many other Linux distributions. Finally, I show you the basics of setting up a Linux user account.

In this chapter, I assume that you have plenty of experience with Windows, so I focus mostly on the differences between Linux and Windows — which, unfortunately, are myriad.

Linux: It Isn’t Windows

Before I get into the details of actually using a Linux system, you need to understand some basic differences between Linux and Windows that will puzzle you at first. Linux looks ...

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