Chapter 4

Managing the Help Desk


check Considering what a help desk should do

check Looking at support tickets

check Seeing how users communicate with the help desk

check Building a self-service portal

check Using a commercial help-desk solution

A few years ago, I helped purchase and configure a cloud-based gadget that displays company information on a large-screen TV located in the office’s main lobby. It took a bit of fiddling to get it figured out, but when we did, it turned out to be a great solution for the problem at hand.

We recently needed to expand to a second large-screen TV that would display the exact same information on a second screen. So I purchased another one of the same gadgets and spent most of an entire morning trying to figure out how to get it integrated into our account. Finally, in exasperation, I called the vendor’s help desk for support. They politely asked if I had read the instructions, which I hadn’t, and then gently guided me through the super-simple two-step process. ...

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