Chapter 5

Storage Architecture


Bullet Knowing how much is enough

Bullet Figuring out what kind of disks you should use

Bullet Deciding on a drive interface

Bullet Thinking about RAID

Bullet Focusing on attachment types

There’s never enough storage, right? What may seem huge today will be laughably small in just a few years. Disk storage is like closet space: No matter how big the space, people find a way to fill it up.

In this chapter, I look at the most important things you need to consider when planning the storage side of your network. I cover various technologies for providing that disk storage, including various types of disk drives, different drive interfaces, and several ways to connect storage to your servers.

Planning Disk Capacity

The first basic decision you need to make when planning your network storage is the most obvious: How much storage do you need?

Unfortunately, that’s not an easy decision to make. You can easily add up how much disk storage you currently have, and you can calculate ...

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