10/100 dmfe Fast Ethernet

The dmfe interface is a another Ethernet system interface applied to the UltraSPARC rack-mounted Netra™ X1 and Sun Fire™ V100 server systems. This interface is much like the others in that its architecture supports a single transmit and receive descriptor run. The number of elements in its descriptor ring is fixed to 32 elements.

The physical layer of dmfe is fully configurable using the driver.conf file and ndd command.

Table 5-40. Driver Parameters and Status
adv_autoneg_capRead and WriteOperational mode parameters
adv_100T4_capRead and WriteOperational mode parameters
adv_100fdx_capRead and WriteOperational mode parameters
adv_100hdx_capRead and WriteOperational mode parameters
adv_10fdx_capRead ...

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