2 Understanding and Articulating Your Value Proposition

In order to network successfully, you have to first identify and then be able to communicate your value.

You are a lot more important than you might have thought

Every product, service, organization, company, and entity on Earth has a scientific discovery and/or an engineering innovation at its core. Think about it – can you imagine anything that did not require scientific discovery or problem-solving to uncover its natural secrets, or engineering innovation to bring it to existence? No matter that it is, science and engineering had to make it happen. It could be something as seemingly simple as a notebook or as complex as a city. Science and engineering birthed it and probably reared it as well.

And since science and engineering serve as the foundation for everything, and you are the propagators of scientific and engineering knowledge and innovations, that means that you have a lot more power than you realize, especially when it comes to career planning and advancement. As the knowledge generators and the value creators, you are in a unique position, which grants you seemingly infinite career choice. This is due to both the value you create and discover, and the value you gained pursuing science ...

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