8 Social Media Networking

Networking via social media channels is no longer an option; it is now a required and strategic element of any successful networking campaign. But just like “real-world” networking, there are various tactics, guidelines, and tips to utilize and employ to ensure that your social media activities deliver excellent networking ROI.i

We know networking is a necessity for career advancement in science and engineering. And social media networking is no different. Your online presence, via websites, your blog, and personal profiles on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all serve as a way for interested parties to get to know you and your brand, and to learn how you might contribute to their enterprises. And it is becoming more and more critical for you to maintain a presence on social media in order to build digital trails that amplify your reputation and reach decision-makers in your field.

Just like all networking strategies, we must start with our goals and determine why and for what we would use social media tools for networking:

  • Gain access to Hidden Opportunities.
  • Gain access to new networks.
  • Learn who are the trend-makers and decision-makers.
  • Connect with decision-makers
  • Gain insight about a community, field, job market, hiring trends.
  • Find a job, grant, fellowship, other opportunities.
  • Gain inspiration and new ideas.
  • Amplify your brand, attitude, reputation.
  • Promote yourself.

When you apply for a job or fellowship, or send a cold email ...

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