Networking Fundamentals

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6 Hours of Video Instruction


Learn essential computing networking in 6 hours.


Network Fundamentals LiveLessons teaches you everything you need to get started with computer networking in 6 hours. Taught by best-selling author Kevin Wallace, this course introduces you to core networking essentials so you can get started in your career as a network engineer.

Networking Fundamentals LiveLessons begins with an explanation of protocol reference models so you can fully understand the OSI model. You will then dive into an explanation of network devices and theory including broadcast and collision domains, wireless access points and fiewalls followed by a walkthrough of the many network topologies from full and partial mesh, ring, bus, LAN, WAN, PAN and more. After that the author will clearly explain network services, WAN technologies and network cables and connectors. We will end with a discussion of network design.

Designed to take you inside essential networking, Networking Fundamentals LiveLessons is guaranteed to help you master foundational networking topics so you can begin your career as a network professional.


About the Instructor

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (Collaboration and R/S) No. 7945, CCSI No. 20061

With Cisco experience dating back to 1989, Kevin has been a network design specialist for the Walt Disney World Resort, an instructor of Cisco courses for Skillsoft, and a network manager for Eastern Kentucky University.

Kevin currently produces video courses and writes books for Cisco Press/Pearson IT Certification (, and he lives in central Kentucky with his wife (Vivian) and two daughters (Stacie and Sabrina).

Kevin can be followed on these social media platforms:


Skill Level

  • Beginning

What You Will Learn
Computer networking fundamentals

Who Should Take This Course
Anyone interested in learning fundamental networking concepts.

Course Requirements
You should understand the fundamental purposes of a network and be comfortable working with a computer.

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Table of contents

  1. Module 1: Protocol Reference Models
    1. Protocol Reference Models: Introduction
    2. The OSI Model
    3. Layer 1—The Physical Layer
    4. Layer 2—The Data Link Layer
    5. Layer 3—The Network Layer
    6. Layer 4—The Transport Layer
    7. Layers 5-7—The Upper Layers
    8. The DoD Model
    9. IP, ICMP, UDP, and TCP
    10. Port and Protocols
    11. Module 1 Review
  2. Module 2: Network Devices and Theory
    1. Network Devices and Theory: Introduction
    2. Analog Modems
    3. Common Network Infrastructure Devices
    4. Collision Domains
    5. Broadcast Domains
    6. Wireless Access Points
    7. Firewalls
    8. Intrusion Detection Devices
    9. Network Appliances
    10. Module 2 Review
  3. Module 3: Network Topologies
    1. Network Topologies: Introduction
    2. Hub and Spoke
    3. Full Mesh
    4. Partial Mesh
    5. Ring
    6. Bus
    7. Star
    8. Point-to-Point
    9. Point-to-Multipoint
    10. Hybrid
    11. Client-Server
    12. Peer-to-Peer
    13. LAN
    14. WAN
    15. MAN
    16. WLAN
    17. PAN
    18. SCADA
    19. Module 3 Review
  4. Module 4: Network Services
    1. Network Services: Introduction
    2. Virtual Private Networks
    3. Web Services
    4. Voice Services
    5. DHCP
    6. DNS
    7. NAT
    8. Module 4 Review
  5. Module 5: WAN Technologies
    1. WAN Technologies: Introduction
    2. Cellular Technologies
    3. ISDN
    4. Frame Relay
    5. ATM
    6. Satellite
    7. DSL
    8. Cable
    9. PPP
    10. PPPoE
    11. Leased Lines
    12. MPLS
    13. Metro-Ethernet
    14. Module 5 Review
  6. Module 6: Network Cables and Connectors
    1. Network Cables and Connectors: Introduction
    2. Copper Cables
    3. Fiber Cables
    4. Copper Connectors
    5. Fiber Connectors
    6. Media Converters
    7. Cabling Tools
    8. EIA/TIA 568 Standards
    9. Ethernet Standards
    10. Module 6 Review
  7. Module 7: Network Design
    1. Network Design: Introduction
    2. Design Concepts
    3. Design Considerations for Layers 1-3
    4. Wireless Design Considerations
    5. Environmental Design Considerations
    6. Module 7 Review

Product information

  • Title: Networking Fundamentals
  • Author(s): Kevin Wallace
  • Release date: May 2016
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134645715