Mock Exam 2

1. Which of these devices uses IP addresses for forwarding decisions?

(A) Switch (B) Hub (C) Router (D) Bridge

2. Which of these devices is classed as a layer 1 device?

(A) Switch (B) Hub (C) Router (D) Bridge

3. What type of transmission is sent to a predefined group of devices on a network?

(A) Anycast (B) Multicast (C) Broadcast (D) Unicast

4. The ability to transmit data in only one direction is known as what?

(A) Simplex (B) Half-duplex (C) Full duplex (D) Simple duplex

5. A perimeter network is also known as what?

(A) Intranet (B) DMZ (C) Extranet (D) Internet

6. Which of these is a Class D address?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

7. Which of these IEEE standards covers Ethernet?

(A) 802.3 ...

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