1.8. Answers to Review Questions

  1. B, C. Computers participating in a peer-to-peer network can be either client or server or both. Additionally, the peer-to-peer model has some practical limitations, including the number of computers involved. Answer A is incorrect because the administration is not centralized. Answer D is incorrect because the use of hubs is not related to the implementation of peer-to-peer or client/server networks.

  2. D. The 10G in the 10GBase-SR designation can be thought of as standing for 10Gbps or 10,000Mbps, whichever helps you remember.

  3. C, D. MT-RJ and LC are both forms of SFF fiber connectors. FC and SC are larger and do not permit the port density afforded by the other two.

  4. A. Looking at the Link LED first could save you ...

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