Assessment Test for Network+ Exam

  1. Which TCP/IP utility can tell you which server is the mail server for the domain

    1. FTP

    2. nslookup

    3. tracert

    4. Telnet

  2. A user we'll call Bob is experiencing what he calls "weird problems." The computer is constantly crashing and performs very slowly. In addition, people are sending Bob e-mails asking him to stop sending them e-mails when, in fact, he hasn't sent them any in months. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

    1. Corrupt operating system

    2. Corrupt application software

    3. Virus infection

    4. Network bottlenecks

  3. RSA is a type of which of the following?

    1. Data encryption

    2. Network protocol

    3. Purchase agreement

    4. Firewall

  4. What is the proper name for the device that connects a PC to an ISDN network?

    1. Hub

    2. Modem

    3. Switch

    4. Terminal adapter

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