How to do it...

With this, let's look at how we can build the encoder decoder architecture, along with the attention mechanism. The code file is available aMachine_translation.ipynb in GitHub.

  1. Build the encoder, as shown in the following code:
encoder_inputs = Input(shape=(eng_max_length,))en_x= Embedding(num_encoder_tokens+1, embedding_size)(encoder_inputs)en_x = Dropout(0.1)(en_x)encoder = LSTM(256, return_sequences=True, unroll=True)(en_x)encoder_last = encoder[:,-1,:]
  1. Build the decoder, as follows:
decoder_inputs = Input(shape=(fr_max_length,))dex= Embedding(num_decoder_tokens+1, embedding_size)decoder= dex(decoder_inputs)decoder = Dropout(0.1)(decoder)decoder = LSTM(256, return_sequences=True, unroll=True)(decoder, initial_state=[encoder_last, ...

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