Appendix E: Body Perception Questionnaire

The Body Perception Questionnaire1 in Table E.1 has five subtests: (1) Awareness, (2) Stress Response, (3) Autonomic Nervous System Reactivity, (4) Stress Style, and (5) Health History Inventory.


1 Never
2 Occasionally
3 Sometimes
4 Usually
5 Always

Table E.1 The Body Perception Questionnaire by Porges2

I. Awareness
During most situations, I am aware of:
1. Swallowing frequently. 2. A ringing in my ears. 3. An urge to cough to clear my throat. 4. My body swaying when I am standing. 5. My mouth being dry. 6. How fast I am breathing. 7. Watering or tearing of my eyes. 8. My skin itching. 9. Noises associated with my digestion. 10. Eye fatigue or pain. 11. Muscle tension in my back and neck. 12. A swelling of my body or parts of my body. 13. An urge to urinate. 14. A tremor in my hands. 15. An urge to defecate. 16. Muscle tension in my arms and legs. 17. A bloated feeling because of water retention. 18. Muscle tension in my face. 19. Goose bumps. 20. Facial twitches. 21. Being exhausted. 22. Stomach and gut pains. 23. Rolling or fluttering my eyes. 24. Stomach distension or bloatedness. 25. Palms sweating. 26. Sweat on my forehead. 27. Clumsiness or bumping into people. 28. Tremor in my lips. 29. Sweat in my armpits. 30. Sensations of prickling, tingling, or numbness in my body. 31. The temperature of my face (especially my ears). 32. Grinding my teeth. 33. General jitteriness. 34. Muscle pain. 35. Joint pain. ...

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