Emotions and Beliefs


Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves, some wear masks to cover them, and others are unemotional. Though we can get away with any of these emotional reactions in most of life's situations, when it comes to money, and especially if it's a large sum or a sum that means a great deal to us, there will be no hiding of real emotions.

If that is so, how should real emotions be dealt with in trading and investing? Should they be subdued, removed, or disregarded? Or should they perhaps be embraced and incorporated into the investment decision process?

Do you know your real emotions? Are emotions even decipherable?


Emotions are often regarded as the enemy of trading and have been blamed for thrusting investors into trades they later regret. Emotions have been implicated as the perpetrators that cause investors to do what they don't want to do and what they try so hard not to do.

Answer the question, “Who is in control of your emotions? ” If emotion is, then that's the core of the issue; however, if you are, then that's the secret of your success.

Many choose to ignore emotions due to the fear that their thinking will be overtaken or blurred by feelings, causing them to make impulsive decisions as a result. Being aware of emotions and paying attention to them is like waking up an internal giant, activating an unknown power, and opening up new horizons. To avoid the risk of emotions running amok and being ...

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