Nurturing Your Skills in NeuroInvesting


Self-knowledge and the constant molding of who you are, identifying and facing your real emotions in addition to being aware of your instinctive self, can only make you a better investor. But there is more.

There has to be one more element that's needed to complete the development and maturing of you as a NeuroInvestor. This is the bedrock from which the rest of the elements grow and mature.

It's your mental attitude, how you think. It's not who you are now, but it's the mental attitude you will have from now on. Here are the techniques and strategies for you to practice until they are part of you.

How to Be an Excellent Instinctual Investor

Just as horses don't become champions that win races without training, so it is with us as investors. We need training and we need to practice those jumps over and over again, until they become automatic and instinctual.

There is one last hurdle to be jumped, though. Other than having a Money Personality and using the full neural network of the brain, to be an excellent instinctual investor there needs to be one more element: the investor's mental attitude. There are four qualities of the Mental Personality that investors need to assume and practice to become excellent instinctual investors.

Mental Plasticity

Mental plasticity is a quality we all have. This is the neuroplasticity of our brain, which is able to adapt, it's malleable, and it's plastic. It can ...

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