Chapter 3

Putting Neuromarketing to Work

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing how neuromarketing is being applied in different marketing areas

arrow Recognizing that neuromarketing is about more than just making people buy stuff

arrow Revealing the new perspective neuromarketing provides on how consumers think and act

Neuromarketing is not just a set of scientific ideas. As we show in detail in Part III and in summary in this chapter, neuromarketing is already at work across many of the biggest areas in marketing: branding, product innovation and design, online experience and marketing, shopping and in-store marketing, advertising, and entertainment. In each of these areas, neuromarketing has already begun contributing to a deeper understanding of the drivers of consumer behavior and is offering new insights for improving marketing effectiveness.

In this chapter, we provide an overview of these developments. We leave the details to Part III, where you find a chapter dedicated to each of the topics covered in this overview.

Building Better Brands with Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing and branding were made for each other. Both are fundamentally concerned with how ideas are established and linked in the human ...

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