Chapter 12

The Shopping Brain and In-Store Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why and how we shop

arrow Exploring the multisensory nature of shopping

arrow Identifying different shopping styles based on personality traits and gender

arrow Discovering ways to design the shopping environment for maximum impact

The impact of brands, products, and advertising all come together at the point of sale in the shopping experience. In this chapter, we look at what brain science and neuromarketing have to tell us about the shopping brain in its “natural” habitat, the physical store. In the next chapter, we look at shopping in the online, “virtual” world, where some things remain the same, but others are quite different.

Understanding the Mind of the Shopper

Shopping is a complex experience for the human mind. It begins with conscious goals and expectations. These goals and expectations are derived from two sources:

check.png Actual personal experience with products and brands

Learned associations acquired through ...

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