Chapter 16

Neuromarketing Measures: Listening to Signals from the Body and the Brain

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how signals are produced by the human nervous system

arrow Seeing how neuromarketing captures signals from the body

arrow Looking at how neuromarketing captures signals from the brain

arrow Balancing the focus on technologies versus business questions in neuromarketing

In this chapter, we take a tour through the human nervous systems to understand how our bodies produce the signals that neuromarketing measures. We look closely at ten signals from the body and the brain. For each, we describe the major technologies used to capture these signals, and then explain how measuring them can help us understand consumer responses, decisions, and actions. The tour covers a lot of territory, because the brain sciences have bequeathed to neuromarketing a treasure-trove of advanced measurement techniques, most of which have been applied and refined through decades in medical and academic research.

Understanding Where Neuromarketing Signals Originate

In Chapter 2, we introduce a model to talk about ...

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