Chapter 20

A Pre-Flight Checklist for Successful Neuromarketing Studies

In This Chapter

arrow Reviewing pitfalls that lead research studies astray

arrow Seeing how to avoid those pitfalls

arrow Working with research partners to get the results you’re looking for

Not all neuromarketing studies turn out well. Indeed, not all market research studies turn out well. Often, this sad outcome has nothing to do with the methods involved, but it can be traced to the age-old problem identified most memorably in the great Paul Newman movie Cool Hand Luke: a failure to communicate. Or, as expressed in the wisdom of computer programming: garbage in, garbage out. The best research intentions can be thwarted by poor communication and planning well before a study is even launched. In this chapter, we tell you how to avoid five pitfalls that can ruin your neuromarketing study. We address each of these pitfalls in the form of a question you need to answer before you launch a study. We call this a pre-flight checklist. Like a pilot preparing for a flight, you need to answer these questions before you take off, not after.

What Are Your Business Objectives for This Study?

Here’s an ironic scenario that happens too often ...

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