4Generation of Current Representation and Tendencies

4.1. Introduction

In this chapter we present algorithms for the generation of current representation and a general algorithm for generating a stream of representations. We develop the notion of semantic lattices that permits to specify the dominant semantic elements structuring each representation. Then we present in detail the notion of tendency, describing the structure of tendency agents, and showing how these tendencies will drive the agent organizations that form emergences in the representations.

4.2. Generation of current representation and semantic lattices

The system should be genuinely autonomous, meaning that within its functional possibilities it should be able to steadily generate representations of its situation as actor animated by own intentions, within environments it should be able to evaluate and assess properly. Any current representation will be built above the substratum and its functional and object layers, as a production of the interpretation system, allowing it to properly define what the system wants to form a representation of, and specifying how it should plan its actions. It is, therefore, a matter of defining levels of knowledge, intentions, assessments, decisions, and evaluations, which shall be very well synchronized and will follow the tendencies implanted in the system by tendency agents. These levels of the general architecture of the system generating representations will be far more ...

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