5The Notions of Point of View, Intent and Organizational Memory

5.1. Introduction

We present here an important notion that representations generated by the autonomous system will have to follow, namely that they will have to be relatively subjective, being formed under emphases resulting from points of view. We shall formulate three organizational principles that equip the interpretation system with the ability to always engage in the generation of representations according to points of view and tendencies. We shall also present specific characteristics allowing organizational memory to memorize the system’s artificial life experiences. And we shall see that there is a general modulation component that needs to emerge all the components of the interpretation system for it to become really operational under its autonomy characteristics.

5.2. The notion of point of view in the generation of representations

The organization of conception agents that will produce representations will be led by the evaluation organization, which expresses the dominant tendency or tendencies, according to the previously defined organizational process. In return, the effects of the conception agents’ behaviors may modify the control exerted by the evaluation organization, and this sets a strong and continuous coactivity between these two agent organizations.

The tendency and representation generation components behave at the agent level in the following manner: under the action of its agents, among ...

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