Transfers, Lifts, and DIY Printmaking

Solvent Transfers

Inkjet Transfers

Muscle Rub Transfers, by Dorothy Imagire

Heat Transfers, by Kathy Halamka

Polymer Transfers, by Peter Madden

Impossible Project Image Lifts

Magazine and Copier Lifts

Lazertran™ Inkjet Lifts, by Dorothy Imagire

Paper Photo-Lithography, by Christine Tinsley

Gelatin Prints, by Peter Madden


1.1 (opposite) Robert Rauschenberg, Mother-in-Law [Anagram (A Pun)], 97 ½ × 61 in. (247.7 × 154.9 cm), Inkjet pigment transfer on polylaminate, 1998. Private collection. ©Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

The pursuit of new techniques has been a continuous theme of Rauschenberg’s ...

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