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New Employee Orientation Training

Book Description

If you ever have to design new employee orientation programs at the organizational or departmental level, here's a guide that will make the process much easier and help you solve the most common challenges you are likely to face.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. The ASTD Trainer’s WorkShop Series
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction: How to Use This Book Effectively
    1. Understanding How and Why People Learn
    2. Target Audience
    3. What This Workbook Includes
    4. Using This Workbook Most Effectively
    5. Icons
    6. What to Do Next
  5. Identifying the Orientation Needs of New Employees
    1. Learning Styles and Perceptual Modalities
    2. The Changing Organizational Environment
    3. What to Do Next
  6. Designing an Interactive Program
    1. Purpose and Goals of the Program
    2. Elements of an Effective Orientation Program
    3. Setting the Tone for Supervisors
    4. First Day—New Employee Concerns
    5. Organization-Level Orientation
    6. Participant Materials
    7. Creating the Environment
    8. What to Do Next
  7. Preparing for a New Employee Orientation Program
    1. Preparing for the Program
    2. Facilitator Responsibilities
      1. Glossary of Terms
    3. Using Questioning Techniques
    4. Providing Feedback
    5. Facilitating Small-Group Activities
    6. What to Do Next
  8. Facilitating a New Employee Orientation Program
    1. Ways to Encourage Participation
    2. Responding to Participants’ Questions
    3. Dealing with Problem Situations
    4. Dealing with Problem Participants
    5. General Guidelines
    6. Learning to Live with What You Encounter
    7. What to Do Next
  9. Evaluating Your New Employee Orientation Program
    1. Purposes of Evaluation
    2. What to Evaluate
    3. What to Do Next
  10. Delivering a Classroom-Based Orientation Program at the Organization Level
    1. Two-Day Program
    2. Two-Day Sample Agenda
    3. One-Day Program
    4. One-Day Sample Agenda
    5. What to Do Next
  11. Conducting a Departmental Orientation
    1. Goals of the Departmental Orientation Process
    2. Preparation for the Employee’s Arrival
    3. On the Employee’s First Day
    4. On the Employee’s Second Day
    5. During the Employee’s First Week
    6. What to Do Next
  12. Delivering Distance Orientation
    1. Special Considerations
    2. Content
    3. Delivery Methods
    4. What to Do Next
  13. Learning Activities
    1. Using the Accompanying CD
    2. Learning Activity 10-1: Connections
    3. Learning Activity 10-2: Things We Have in Common
    4. Learning Activity 10-3: Representative Items
    5. Learning Activity 10-4: Finding Famous Fictional Friends and Families
    6. Learning Activity 10-5: At the Movies
    7. Learning Activity 10-6: What Do You Want to Know?
    8. Learning Activity 10-7: Team Logo
    9. Learning Activity 10-8: Orientation Bingo!
    10. Learning Activity 10-9: What Do You Know About Our Organization?
    11. Learning Activity 10-10: Our Heritage
    12. Learning Activity 10-11: Organizational Structure Card Sort
    13. Learning Activity 10-12: Information Round Robin
    14. Learning Activity 10-13: Press Conference
    15. Learning Activity 10-14: Poster Sessions
    16. Learning Activity 10-15: Employees’ Perspectives (Panel Discussion)
    17. Learning Activity 10-16: Organizational Scavenger Hunt
    18. Learning Activity 10-17: Policies and Procedures Information Search
    19. Learning Activity 10-18: What Do I Wear? (Agree/Disagree)
    20. Learning Activity 10-19: Safety First
    21. Learning Activity 10-20: Living Our Core Values
    22. Learning Activity 10-21: Taking the High Road—Ethics in the Workplace
    23. Learning Activity 10-22: Whom Do I Contact?
    24. Learning Activity 10-23: Terminology Tournament
    25. Learning Activity 10-24: Summary of Learnings
    26. Learning Activity 10-25: Full Circle
    27. Learning Activity 10-26: Reflections
    28. Learning Activity 10-27: Group Photo and End-of-Program Questionnaire
  14. Helpful Checklists and Other Tools
    1. Tool 11-1: Sample Welcome Letter
    2. Tool 11-2: Sample Memo to the New Employee’s Co-workers
    3. Tool 11-3: Tasks to Do Before the New Employee’s First Day
    4. Tool 11-4: Materials to Send Before the New Employee’s First Day
    5. Tool 11-5: New Employee’s Work Area Preparation Checklist
    6. Tool 11-6: Activities for the New Employee’s First Day
    7. Tool 11-7: Information to Communicate During the New Employee’s First Day
    8. Tool 11-8: Suggested First-Day Work-Related Assignments
    9. Tool 11-9: Activities for the New Employee’s First Week
    10. Tool 11-10: Sample Memo to New Employees
    11. Tool 11-11: Sample Memo to Guest Presenters and Facilitators
    12. Tool 11-12: 90-Day Follow-up Survey
  15. Using the Compact Disc
    1. Contents of the CD
    2. Computer Requirements
    3. Printing from the CD
    4. Adapting the PowerPoint Slides
    5. Showing the PowerPoint Presentations
  16. For Further Reading
  17. About the Author