NEW! Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Course: Azure Architect Technologies

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Welcome to Skylines Academy – home of the NEW AZ-303 Course!

Since Microsoft announced the new AZ-303 Azure Architect Technologies exam, the Skylines Academy team has been hard at work to provide you with brand new and relevant content to help you pass the AZ-303 exam. The AZ-303 exam is the updated version of the AZ-300 exam and includes a lot of new material. The exam will be available starting June 29, 2020 so you could be one of the first to get certified!

After taking the AZ-303 exam, we recommend you take the AZ-304 course from Skylines Academy (coming soon!) and exam. Once you pass both exams, you will be and EXPERT and obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge.

This course follows the Microsoft Skills Measured curriculum for the AZ-303. Nick Colyer, Master Instructor and Co-Founder of Skylines Academy will lead you through this brand-new course, filled with in-depth content around AZ-303 Azure services. Nick’s previous version of this course, AZ-300, has received an average of 4.72 starts from thousands of students from every corner of the globe

Student Reviews for the Azure Architect Technologies Course by Nick Colyer:

“This is a great site to learn and Nick is awesome instructor. Since I have started my Journey with Skylines with AZ-900 this is the Third course I have completed so far. I am now preparing my AZ-300 Exam and after that 301.”

“Two Words...Just Awesome!!!”

“All the information was concise and engaging. I like how there is a lecture followed by a demo right after. It really helps to reinforce the topic while it is fresh in the mind. Overall, my second course with Nick, and I am enjoying them. I passed the AZ-103 exam using Nick's course on here, and moving on to 300 and 301. Thanks a bunch!”

Course Description:

The AZ-303 course is intended for IT engineers and architects who have previous experience of Microsoft Azure. Since Azure services were released, there have been several additions and updates to the platform that will be explored in this course. In order for you to achieve success and pass the AZ-303 exam, this Skylines Academy course will guide you through a series of sections, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, alongside other helpful study material. We have got you covered!

During this course, you will gain knowledge and hands-on experience of:

  • Understand Azure Active Directory (AD) and Subscriptions
  • Implement Virtual Networking
  • Implement Virtual Machines for Windows and Linux
  • Create and Manage Storage Accounts
  • Deploy Automation and Configure Resources
  • Implement Azure AD
  • Implement and Manage Hybrid Identities
  • Configure Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Implement and Manage Governance Solutions
  • Implement Load Balancing and Network Security
  • Manage Security for Applications
  • Implement an Application Infrastructure
  • Deploy Container-based Applications
  • Implement and Manage Data Platforms

Lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of the Azure platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.


  • I'll need to spin up a free Azure account for a more hands-on experience
  • We recommend you take the AZ-103 or AZ-104 course and exam to form foundational knowledge of the Azure platform
  • Previous knowledge of data center technology areas such as compute, network, and storage is a must!
  • Drive to learn about cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • Welcome to the Skylines Academy AZ-303 course! We’re happy you’re joining us!

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Table of contents

  1. 1. Introduction
    1. Course Introduction
  2. 2. Introduction to Accounts and Subscriptions
    1. Lecture: Accessing Azure
    2. Demo: Azure Portal Overview
    3. Lecture: Accounts and Subscriptions Overview
    4. Demo: Accounts and Subscription Management
    5. Lecture: Resource Groups
    6. Demo: Resource Groups and Tagging
  3. 3. Implement Virtual Networking
    1. Lecture: Networking Overview
    2. Demo: Create VNet in the Azure Portal
    3. Demo: Create VNet in PowerShell
    4. Lecture: VNet Peering and Connectivity
    5. Demo: VNet Peering
    6. Lecture: Hybrid Connectivity Options
    7. Lecture: Routing
    8. Demo: User Defined Routes
    9. Lecture: Internet Access and DNS
    10. Demo: Private DNS
    11. Demo: Azure Public DNS Zone
  4. 4. Implement VMs for Windows and Linux
    1. Lecture: VMs Overview
    2. Demo: Deploy VM from Portal
    3. Demo: Deploy VM from PowerShell
    4. Lecture: VM Images
    5. Demo: VM Images
    6. Lecture: Configuration Management Overview
    7. Demo: PowerShell DSC Extension
    8. Lecture: Custom Script Extension
    9. Lecture: VM Availability
    10. Demo: VM Availability Groups and Zones
    11. Lecture: VM Scale Sets
    12. Demo: VM Scale Sets
    13. Lecture: VM Storage
    14. Demo: Add Disk
    15. Lecture: Disk Caching
    16. Demo: Disk Caching
    17. Lecture: VM Security Best Practices
    18. Lecture: Disk Encryption
    19. Demo: Create Key Vault for Disk Encryption
    20. Demo: Encrypt VM Disks
    21. Demo - VM Endpoint Protection
    22. Demo:Azure Security - VM Management
  5. 5. Create and Manage Storage Accounts
    1. Lecture: Storage Overview
    2. Lecture: Storage Account Overview
    3. Demo: Create Storage Account via the Azure Portal
    4. Demo: Create Storage Account PowerShell
    5. Demo Storage Explorer
    6. Demo: AZ Copy v10
    7. Lecture: Storage Permissions
    8. Demo: Create and Manage Shared access Signature
    9. Lecture: Storage Keys
    10. Lecture: Custom Domains
    11. Demo: Azure Files
    12. Demo: File Sync
  6. 6. Deploy Automation and Configure Resources
    1. Lecture: ARM Overview
    2. Lecture: ARM TEMPLATES Overview
    3. Demo: ARM Template Creation
    4. Lecture: Linking Templates
    5. Demo: Save Deployment as a Template
    6. Demo: Azure Automation
    7. Demo: Automation DSC
  7. 7. Implement Azure Active Directory
    1. Lecture: Domain Services
    2. Lecture: Azure AD Overview
    3. Lecture:Azure AD Pricing
    4. Demo: Create Azure AD Tenant
    5. Demo: Azure AD Users and Groups
    6. Lecture: SSO and MFA
    7. Demo: Self Service Password Reset
    8. Lecture: Identity Protection
    9. Demo: Identity Protection and Conditional Access
  8. 8. Implement and Manage Hybrid Identities
    1. Lecture: AD Connect Overview
    2. Demo: AD Connect
    3. Demo: AD Connect Health
    4. Lecture: Design Authentication Options
  9. 9. Configure Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
    1. Lecture: Monitoring Overview
    2. Demo: Azure Monitoring and Alerts
    3. Demo: Network Watcher
    4. Lecture: Log Analytics
    5. Demo: Log Analytics
    6. Demo: Azure Security Center
  10. 10. Implement and Manage Governance Solutions
    1. Lecture: RBAC
    2. Demo: RBAC
    3. Demo: Resource Groups
    4. Demo: Move Resource Groups
    5. Lecture: AZ Locks
    6. Demo: AZ Locks
    7. Lecture: Azure Policy
    8. Demo: Azure Policy and Management Groups
  11. 11. Implement Load Balancing and Network Security
    1. Network Security Overview
    2. Lecture: Network Security Groups
    3. Demo: Network Security Groups
    4. Lecture: Azure Firewall
    5. Demo: Azure Firewall
    6. Lecture: Load Balancing
    7. Demo: Load Balancing
    8. Demo: App Gateway
    9. Lecture: Azure Front Door
    10. Demo: Azure Front Door
    11. Lecture/Demo: Azure Bastion
    12. Lecture: DDOS Protection
    13. Demo: DDOS Protection
  12. 12. Manage Security for Applications
    1. Lecture: Key Vault Overview
    2. Demo: Key Vault
    3. Demo: App Registrations
  13. 13. Implement an Application Infrastructure
    1. Lecture: Azure App Service
    2. Lecture: Deployment Slot Settings
    3. Demo: Deploy NODE JS App on App Services
    4. Lecture: Serverless
    5. Demo: Functions
    6. Demo: Logic Apps
    7. Demo: Configure Event Grid
    8. Demo: Event Hub
  14. 14. Deploy Container-based Applications
    1. Lecture: Containers Overview
    2. Demo: Install Docker
    3. Demo: Prepare App for AKS
    4. Demo: Create Azure Container Registry
    5. Demo: Create Kubernetes Cluster
    6. Demo: Run App and Scale on AKS
    7. Demo: Container Security - ACR
    8. Lecture: Container Security - AKS
    9. Demo: Container Security - Container Scanning
  15. 15. Implement and Manage Data Platforms
    1. Lecture: Types of Data
    2. Lecture: Azure SQL
    3. Lecture: SQL Pricing Models
    4. Demo: Azure SQL
    5. Lecture: SQL Auditing
    6. Lecture: Caching
    7. Demo: SQL Long Term Backup
    8. Lecture: Cosmos DB
    9. Lecture: Cosmos Consistency Levels

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  • Title: NEW! Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Course: Azure Architect Technologies
  • Author(s): Skylines Academy, Nick Colyer
  • Release date: October 2020
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
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