Chapter 12 Investment property

1 Introduction

2 Comparison between Section 16, previous UK GAAP and IFRS

   2.1 Key differences between Section 16 and previous UK GAAP

       2.1.1 Accounting for changes in value

       2.1.2 Properties under construction

       2.1.3 Property occupied by group companies

       2.1.4 Mixed use property

       2.1.5 Property held for social benefits

       2.1.6 Depreciation

       2.1.7 Inability to reliably measure fair value

       2.1.8 Properties held under operating leases

       2.1.9 Disclosure differences

   2.2 Key differences between Section 16 and IFRS

       2.2.1 Measurement basis after initial recognition

       2.2.2 Valuation method

       2.2.3 Mixed use property

       2.2.4 Inability to reliably measure fair value

       2.2.5 Disclosures

3 Requirements of Section 16 for investment property

   3.1 Definition and initial recognition of investment property

       3.1.1 Investment property under construction

       3.1.2 Investment property leased to other group entities

       3.1.3 Property with the provision of ancillary services

       3.1.4 Land

       3.1.5 Property interests held under operating leases

       3.1.6 Social benefit entities

       3.1.7 Properties with mixed use

   3.2 Measurement at initial recognition

       3.2.1 Deferred payments

       3.2.2 Exchange for monetary and/or non-monetary assets

       3.2.3 Property interests held under a finance or operating lease

   3.3 Measurement after initial recognition ...

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