Omgeo Central Trade Manager (CTM) is a new service designed to automate the post-trade confirmation process and the early stages of settlement. Omgeo LLC, the company that provides this service, is a joint venture owned equally by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and Thomson Financial. Omgeo CTM builds upon the existing Oasys services provided by Thomson Financial. Oasys is an electronic trade confirmation (ETC) service used by Broker Dealers (BDs) and Investment Managers (IMs) to exchange trade confirmation information. Oasys has a large user base of approximately 2,000 firms around the world. Omgeo hopes to migrate its Oasys user base to the CTM service over time, and Oasys has now been rebranded “Omgeo Oasys.”

Omgeo ...

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