Chapter 8. NFS Implementation

Although this book focuses on the NFS protocol and filesystem model, it would be incomplete if it did not discuss issues that are common to all implementations. Most of the material in this chapter applies to both versions 2 and 3 of the protocol.

8.1 File Attributes

The NFS filesystem model has strong similarities to the POSIX 1003.1 specification. Some might say that the two are almost indistinguishable, a conclusion that is borne out by a comparison of the supported file attributes. Table 8.1 compares some of the file attributes supported by POSIX, NFS versions 2 and 3, DOS FAT filesystem, and Windows NTFS.

Table 8.1 Comparison of File Attributes Supported by POSIX, NFS Versions 2 and 3, DOS FAT, and Windows NTFS ...

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