Chapter 13. Advanced Activity Monitoring


To ensure that your application is running at optimal performance and precision, you need insight into the monitoring metrics about its activity. NGINX Plus offers an advanced monitoring dashboard and a JSON feed to provide in-depth monitoring about all requests that come through the heart of your application. The NGINX Plus activity monitoring provides insight into requests, upstream server pools, caching, health, and more. This chapter details the power and possibilities of the NGINX Plus dashboard, the NGINX Plus API, and the Open Source stub status module.

Enable NGINX Open Source Stub Status


You need to enable basic monitoring for NGINX.


Enable the stub_status module in a location block within a NGINX HTTP server:

location /stub_status {
    deny all;
    # Set IP restrictions as appropriate

Test your configuration by making a request for the status:

$ curl localhost/stub_status
Active connections: 1 
server accepts handled requests
 1 1 1 
Reading: 0 Writing: 1 Waiting: 0 


The stub_status module enables some basic monitoring of the Open Source NGINX server. The information that is returned provides insight into the number of active connections as well as the total connections accepted, connections handled, and requests served. The current number of connections being read, written, or in a waiting state is also shown. The information provided is global and is ...

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